My purpose in writing this blog is twofold: I am a writer and editor by profession and this has been an excellent forum in which to exercise my muse. Beyond that, I share my thoughts and feelings, some might say too openly, in hope that they will strike a chord with you, help you to feel less alone and misunderstood. This project was born of the strangest version of heartache I’ve yet experienced, and it was incredibly cathartic to write it all out. At first I shared it with only a couple of friends, one of whom was weathering her own end-of-a-romance storm; she wrote this to me:

Thank you for writing this blog. You are incredible and beautiful and somehow after 12 years of us knowing each other, but not being in touch, you helped me today. You helped me get through a staggering heartbreak that made me feel alone, confused and helpless. Thank you for writing this blog.

That is reason enough to keep going.

Most of the post titles are lyrics to songs, most of the photos are my own. I welcome any and all feedback.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes, we never know how our blogs may have just the right word, just the right voice to be exactly what someone needs at exactly the right time. And I can very easily see how your voice is that very balm. You possess a wonderful talent with putting your words together.

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