They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know

We can’t change what we refuse to see. – Robin DiAngelo

This is a quote from White Fragility, which I am currently listening to. Reading is hard for me to do these days, so I have audiobooks to accompany me on my walks and chores.

So much has happened since last I wrote here. SO much. George Floyd was murdered and people took to the streets to protest all across the globe, resulting, hopefully, in major reform to this country’s law enforcement policies. Time will tell, but it feels as though the needle has started to move in the right direction.

Black lives matter.

I have had many discussions about race and racism since that horrible day, and I am learning a lot, namely that I will never stop learning.

I grew up in a town that—I just looked this up—was 48.9% white in 2010. In White Fragility, DiAngelo asks her readers/listeners to cite the first time they recall being cognizant that other races exist. And the truth is that I don’t recall not knowing; presumably within my first month of existence I met my grandfather, who was Chinese. My babysitter from Day 1 was Chinese. In my neighborhood and then in nursery school, I knew black, brown, Asian, and white children.

And there is SO much I don’t yet know or understand about racism. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn. Some of the conversations I’ve had since Mr. Floyd’s murder have been uncomfortable. And, as DiAngelo says in Chapter One:

The key to moving forward is what we do with our discomfort.

I am all in on moving forward, and I hope that you’ll join me.

I had a lot of other things in mind to add to this post, but I will leave it as is and post again soon.

Much love to you all.

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