Let me play among the stars


On the heels of this terribly sad news in music and world history, I had occasion to honor another legend. I accompanied my dad to a tribute to Frank Sinatra at the Pierre Hotel, put together by the Friar’s Club. It was a rhinestone-studded affair—a veritable Who’s Who and Who’s That?!: Wayne Newton, Dionne Warwick, Dina Martin (daughter of Dean), Freddy Roman, and, naturally, Tony Danza … were among the artists who sang and toasted The Chairman. Larry King officiated. His wife, Shawn, sang. Dominic “Uncle Junior” Chianese and Norm Crosby spoke.

Maybe it wasn’t Hollywood glamour or the hottest ticket around … but it was lovely. And it was loveliest because I was with my dad. And giggle though we may at the list of talent, talent it was … the songs were beautiful, and Tony Danza is a good tap dancer. (How many times has that phrase been uttered today? I’m guessing dozens.) People shared personal stories of Frank Sinatra. Wayne Newton described him as someone who loved his friends deeply and who was a great friend in return. So that’s one thing he and I have in common. We also share a quick temper and a childhood spent in the tri-state area.

Things haven’t quite gone as planned. A part of my life that I thought was finally getting figured out has proven otherwise, and so I’m back to the drawing board. But I’m okay with this, I’ve no choice but to be. So I will draw on the well of strength and willpower that I possess and all-too-often ignore and I will carry on and I will triumph.

I read something about Capricorns the other day that rang truer than most of the things I read about Capricorns. We are supposed to be a sign of great ambition and hard work … my ambition is scattered and my work interrupted by my proclivity toward hiding out when met with challenges. This thing I read spoke of Capricorns being old souls, and people who age in reverse. It spoke of our being late bloomers and of finding our true purpose eventually, but not on the clock the rest of the world deems valid. So there you go. I’ll get there. I’m getting there. and I won’t let the things that aren’t working keep me from pursuing the things that may work.

Why am I writing this? Because I want to talk to you guys and you aren’t here, so I’m posting it.

Regrets: I’ve had more than a few.

If what’s to come is as I hope it is, Old Blue Eyes and the Thin White Duke are sitting at a piano right now, singing and rejoicing.

So grateful I am to have grown up with musical legends.



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