In the summer, when it sizzles


This’ll be the first time I’m returning from Paris with what S called “a killer tan”. They were right; it’s hot here in August! But it’s not unbearable, and the mornings and evenings remain cool.

Having a lovely time, wish you were here.

S asked me if I mind playing tour guide and trip planner when I’m here and I don’t; I love that I get to share the tiny bits of this town that I know with the people in my life, and each time I’ve been has been different — though, of course, some things are fairly consistent, like a first-day visit to Notre Dame, a trip to l’Orangerie to see the water lilies, an aperitif at Les Deux Magots and a pain au chocolat anywhere.

Saturday night we celebrated E’s birthday (and S’s impending nuptials) with a wonderful dinner at Mon Vieil Ami … highly recommend; it’s on the Ile St. Louis and the food is delicious, the fresh vegetables and fruits plentiful, the service excellent. They were even pleasant to the diners behind us who loudly and repeatedly requested steak sauce. After dinner we went to Caveau de la Huchette, a jazz club in the Latin Quarter located in what was apparently a prison during the French Revolution. I love this place — the music is always fantastique and the people-watching sublime. People swing dance here and on Saturday the crowd looked as though they’ve been gathering every Saturday since the place opened in the 40s … we invented back stories for everyone down to poor Blanche, who sat out many a dance looking very depressed, like a woman who’d wandered into a Toulouse-Lautrec painting and drank too much Absinthe, until someone finally asked her to take a spin.

That was a long-ass run-on sentence. Wow.

I’ve not been writing enough since I’ve been here and this has been weighing on me. It’s a very inspiring city but when you are (happily) playing tour guide and walking your minimal allotment of 10,000 steps per day and dining out and meditating for twenty minutes, twice a day … writing takes more of a back seat than it should. I did, however, make some major decisions for the last 20ish pages of my draft, so that’s something. I look forward to diving back into it.

But first I must get ready for dinner. À bientôt.

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