Let it be


Yesterday, everyone was up in arms because we were expecting a lot of snow. Today everyone’s annoyed that we didn’t get enough. Really now – in light of everything this city has been through in the past 20+ years, is being over-prepared such a bad thing?

I loved last night. I loved going out in what was purported to be the start of something huge, walking around in the quiet still of New York in a snowstorm – which is often the calmest New York that there is – and getting a sliver of a glimpse of a long ago version of this city. Loved that Louie was leaping and bounding through the snow – closest I’ll ever get to participating in the Iditarod. I had four things scheduled for today that were all cancelled/postponed. And so?

And so I had a day to do other things. Things I wouldn’t otherwise do because they required my being home and indulging in home-based activities without feeling like a shut-in. I’ve worked very hard in recent months to create a more structured, productive life – and it’s slowly paying off.

This said, I commend and deeply appreciate the city employees and restaurant workers and news teams and photojournalists and everyone for whom a day like today was supposed to be means anything BUT a day off. The parents who had to figure out child care because schools were closed. The doormen and security guards. The department of transportation. The mayor and governor – and everyone else.

Our city does so well in times of chaos, meteorological and otherwise. Nothing makes neighbors speak to neighbors like a storm or broken elevator or blackout or serial killer.

I remember the Summer of Sam. I was six and my sister told me we needed to dye our hair blonde because he was targeting brunettes.

I remember, that same year, seeing a car in the street behind our house that had caught fire and my young mind deciding that cars could just catch fire at random – made road trips a lot of fun for my parents, I’m sure.

So I have a bunch of food to cook and cash in case the ATMs had stopped working and a new Brita filter.

And whatever. Life is unpredictable. And blaming the people who allegedly try to keep us safe for over-preparing us is, in my opinion, absolutely not the point.

Roasting a chicken tonight. Sorry vegans. And mashing those potatoes I bought.

I think we should keep the lesson of preparedness and concern for our neighbors and appreciation for those who have to work no matter what through anything the skies throw our way.

I have a dog who feels cooped up to sell to the highest bidder. Just kidding. Dog is my savior.


2 thoughts on “Let it be

  1. I’m jealous of your snowstorm. It’s been a mild and boring winter here. Snow is rare for us, so when it does occur I tend to act like a little kid on Christmas morning. I can’t imagine what I’d do in your shoes!

  2. We didn’t get what we bargained for – that’s for sure – but the snow falling last night was a magical thing, evoking that childlike “what if!” feeling in many of us.

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