Hazy shade of winter

IMG_7169This rather ominous photo is supposed to represent a winter wonderland. Which means that it’s that most wonderful time of the year, once again – time for taking stock of everything we have and have not accomplished in the past 365 days, for making lofty and facile resolutions for the new year, and so on and so forth. And as I’ve mentioned many, many times, I have the added glory of turning another year older right in the middle of if all, in between Christmas and New Year’s. For some weird reason I don’t have the early-December anxiety that I usually do and I attribute this to many things, including but not limited to acupuncture, natural supplements (I will bore you with all of the details if you’re interested – I’m a convert), some interesting things going on in my world, and the font of wisdom I’ve gained in the past year.

This is the time that I contemplate all of the things, good, bad, and illegal, that I’ve done for the first time in the previous year. This year’s list may be a bit shorter than others’, but here are some of my firsts. I’ve:

  • visited Quebec
  • gone on a writing retreat
  • written 150 pages of my novel-in-progress
  • committed to and started working with Girls Write Now, a really great organization that pairs adult writing mentors with teenage girls in at-risk (their word) school districts
  • taken bike-riding lessons. Yep.
  • what else what else … I know there’ s more.
  • Cooked an entire meal without checking recipes – granted, I’d made the same meal a few days prior, but considering the fact that I read instructions on cereal boxes, this was an accomplishment.

There’s more – I have a few irons in the fire that may yield positive results in 2015, career-wise … things I can’t elaborate on until they come to fruition, but I’m optimistic. I love being optimistic.

I recently de-friended someone on that great arbiter of meaningful relationships, Facebook. This is someone I’d not seen since … kindergarten? First grade? … though of course I’ve now “watched” her daughter grow up and I “know” her husband and, unfortunately, her political beliefs. She posted a close-up photo of the face of a dead deer with the caption, “[REDACTED] shot his first six-pointer!”

Now, I eat meat and I wear leather – sometimes simultaneously – though if I really stopped and thought it through I could easily convince myself not to. But I can’t imagine ever reveling in the kill portion of the process, which may very well be hypocritical and myopic, but it’s the truth. This post was so alarmingly cruel and macabre that I decided I never needed to know anything else about this person. I have friends with different political and social beliefs than I have, but this was such a bold and ugly statement that I don’t want to find the common ground I might have with this person.

Don’t read this next part if you’re vegan:

My first boyfriend out of college went on a hunting trip and shot a deer. I did not listen to any of the gory details about what took place between the time he spotted said deer and the first night that I dined on venison. I do know that a little venison goes a long, long way, and that for weeks – months – I ate venison in every conceivable iteration, medallions, kebobs, venison omelettes, Sloppy Does … I just came up with that; if I had a time machine I’d zip back to 1992 for a cheap laugh …

I don’t know what my point is here – I guess I feel hypocritical having a moral stance on this virtual stranger’s post, but in my case, in 1992, the then-boyfriend did use as much of the deer as he could. Then again, he also used to say that the song “Behind Blue Eyes” reminded him of himself.

So much more to say, as usual, but I’ve other things to do at the moment … I will write more this month. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday season and strive for a happy, healthy, and productive 2015.

3 thoughts on “Hazy shade of winter

  1. OMG! Great post! I remember partaking of some of that venison at your house with said boyfriend. It is a clear memory as it was the first time I’d ever eaten someone’s “kill” and I was impressed and horrified simultaneously. I applaud your defriending the friend…I had a former college mate post photos of a turtle he and his daughter had killed whilst camping. It was terrible and strangely disrespectful. I knew they wouldn’t eat it so i had to wonder…what was the point of it?

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