Think I’ll buy me a football team


I found a ten dollar bill on the street before, which is the type of thing that never happens to me. By contrast, I lost a fifty a few weeks back, which I hope wound up in highly deserving hands. Because it was the only money I had on me at the time, I had to run home, get more, and continue my shopping – and it was on the second trip that I found the image above. So there you have it: triumph over tragedy. An expensive rainbow. 

My new thing – which is really not much of a thing – is leaving my phone at home when I’m doing errands or being walked by the dog. These analog moments are crucial; were it not for the fact that I’m so damn used to being reachable, I’d have them more often. I have people I communicate with almost exclusively via email, or text, or, most shameful of all, Facebook – and so I need to stay on top of these things we’ve all come to depend on far too much. It goes without saying (though I’m saying it anyway, so I’m not sure why I said that) that it is far too easy to misconstrue words on a screen. I’m guilty of it too – of mistaking one-word texts for apathy and reading too much into exclamation points – and it’s absurd; I’m staging a backlash against the tech gods by bringing back the phone conversation. So much warmer, so much more can be said in far fewer words, so much better for our eyesight. 

Call me.

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