Let me see what spring is like


It’s a lovely moon out there tonight, out there in the world, a perfect sliver of a fingernail shining light on the opacity that covers the rest. It’s the kind of moon that teaches you about its phases. It’s also really fucking cold and while I don’t generally like to complain about the weather I look forward to spring. To lighter skies and moods. To actually feeling like venturing out of my neighborhood. 

I have tremendous writer’s block at present. I feel like I have nothing to say that hasn’t been said so many times before, that I don’t know how to craft a story. I’m good with dialogue and creating characters and situations, but moving my characters past their situations and into something resembling plot is another matter. I’ve just signed up for two more writing classes – advanced novel, with the same instructor I’m currently working with, who, by the way, is fabulous, and, continuing with this run-on sentence, a short story workshop, short story being a craft I’ve not studied and would love to learn, in part because I’d love to learn how to make short films (and long ones). 

I have a hard time finishing what I’ve st

I think I’ve said this before (to you, my legions of readers) – the upshot of my novel writing workshop is that we’re to finish a draft, no matter how terrible it is. We’re to give ourselves permission to write an awful first draft. I think this is the problem – I think I’ve not given myself that permission and so the fact that it’s not really working in its current form (“it” being my book) is what’s tripping me up. Maybe this isn’t a book that’s supposed to see the light of day when all is said and done – I’m realizing that that’s fine. I don’t write because I want to be published, really, I write because I want to write well. So perhaps what I need to do is just write this effing thing, put it away, and move on to greatness. Why did I say “perhaps”? – that’s exactly what I need to do. I also need to finish reading the books that I’m reading about writing screenplays (as the principles apply to prose as well). It’s all about story story story which is my problem problem problem – because one can’t make a movie or book out of “This character is in this situation and acts like this because this is what happened to them in the past the end.” Something has to happen. My poor characters must be bored to tears. 

Okay … time to write something besides this. 

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