And I’m giving you a longing look


Holy shite was Chapter Two hard to write. After an auspicious start to the year I came down with a debilitating case of writer’s block – or writer’s insecurity. Some days it’s all I want to do and some days it’s a struggle. Some days I think I’m a fantastic writer and some days I can’t believe I ever thought I knew how to write. But I did it. I found notes from a story I wrote sometime in 2013 and incorporated them and voila, I have Chapter Two. I’ve written a tremendous amount in the past several years and finished very little. If I could put it all together and add some filler I’d have quite a tome. It wouldn’t be terribly linear, but it would be long. 

I struggled through my Travel Writing assignment last week and turned it in late – the assignment was to write about an annual event in a destination and to highlight said destination as well, so I wrote about Riot Fest in Chicago, which we attended last year and will attend this year. When I relaxed into it it was actually fun to write. It came out far better than I’d anticipated, with ample room for improvement. This class is intimidating – filled with really smart professional writers and editors, some of whom have had travel pieces published already. It’s an intermediate-level class and a lot of work, thank God. I’ve needed “a lot of work” and between these two courses I’ve certainly found it. Next semester my goal is to have a fully formed screenplay idea and to take a workshop that makes me write it on schedule. This goal presumes that I’ll have a draft of my novel written. 

I will also be taking an advanced French class starting next week, parce que je voudrais améliorer mon français. The best I ever spoke it was when I studied there; my first night back in the states I had a hard time ordering a glass of water in English. I’d love to gain back that fluidity. 

Alors … Chapter Three awaits. I am so good at procrastinating writing that, since writing that last sentence, I’ve checked my email and read a few Facebook status updates. 

Procrastination stops … now …

(did someone just Tweet something witty? I’d better check.)


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