We’ve all gone crazy lately …


Yes darlings, that title, too, is a lyric. I’m exhausted – look at the time stamp on this thing – but I can’t sleep and I think in part it’s that I feel the need to write right now. This thing has become a source of comfort to me, and I’m grateful for that. Writing out of necessity is something I hadn’t done in a long time until March. Thank the stars I’m at this point again. 

Sun, moon, stars … what poem is that? Whose woods these are I think I know his house is in the valley though. I memorize poems as a personal challenge – I don’t recite poetry terribly often, my friends and family much appreciate this – but I love to memorize blocks of prose and poetry. I’ve got a couple under my belt (that sounds really weird right now), Yeats and Frost and Buchwald … and I’m working my way through Annabel Lee. And The Raven, though that one’s been on hold because it’s l-o-n-g. Poe’s rhythm and meter or whatever the terms are (what are the terms, young Brit?) are magic to me. Gawd I’m tired. 

I have a new and somewhat exciting and entirely terrifying writing project going – tomorrow afternoon I have a meeting with someone who might be a necessary participant if I’m going to make this happen, and I’m nervous and inspired. These are good things to be in tandem. If channeled properly, they’ll cause me to keep on working and doing the best I can. I have made some tremendous strides in the past several months and have taken some enormous steps backward. Need to focus on the good good good and keep moving moving moving because I could easily get caught in the Sargasso Sea but there’s no point in that. It won’t achieve anything. 

Keep calm and carry on. That’s what I’m doing. And now I’m going to sleep. 


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