Expediting impermanence


n.b. I had very different ideas of what to write about, but I derailed them and wanted to get something down. More to come. 

Random thoughts: I hold on so tightly to the idea of things that I tend to ignore what exists once the plastic wrap has come off.  I’ve been dreaming for an awfully long time of being comforted and accepted and never disappointed, despite how uncomfortable I can make things and how often I’ve disappointed. My ideas of love are grandiose, even by ideas-of-love standards. 

But I can do this. Much of our pain is a construct of the earliest decisions we make about ourselves – that we need emotional attachment. That we need to be completely understood. That we can’t bear to be abandoned. That together is better than alone. 

Since the dawn of it all, my friends, we’ve felt this way. Some days are worse than others. Here’s to the better ones. 

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