In just spring


Don’t feel like writing, and so I shall.

It’s spring! And as it turns out, beautiful sunny weather actually does impact me in a positive way. I used to shy away from days like these because they meant that I “should” be outside and productive and blissful and all – whereas gray stormy weather was a built-in excuse. But I’ve grown out of my life-is-suffering-I’m-unbalanced-I-need-excuses phase (do three and a half decades still constitute a phase?). 

So it’s been lovely, lately, I’ve been waking up so much earlier than my days had meant to start and that in and of itself is a wonderful thing. And I’d been feeling really strong and independent and complete. And then one night last week I had too many cocktails and I slept in and then that day never felt like it started so I exacerbated my headspace as best I could and blah blah blah the next day I awoke much later than planned. And so, as it turns out, it isn’t about turning bad into good  and late into early and weak into strong – strong,good, people (who start early) can have their off days. 

So that’s what it was, my loves – an off day. But I’m still the new, improved me. Thank God – and most of you. 

One thought on “In just spring

  1. It’s the spring, you’re right. Even in Petersburg it’s the last phase, the burst of it. It sounds like calm, spaceful and powerful evenings of early August. I always thought Mozart’s “Jupiter” [1] is exactly about August and there is no month like this. It’s a bad habit of sticking emotions to calendar. The same Mania Grandiosa is current days too, all of a sudden.
    2-nd part beginning at 11:50

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