No sleep for the wicked …


…and an important lesson learned just now: do not update blahhggg post-Ambien. Apologies to anyone who might have stumbled upon and tried to make sense of the post I’ve just deleted. I sure couldn’t. 

At the lounge at Charles de Gaulle awaiting my return flight. This trip has been, overall, a wonderful experience and it could not have come at a better time. Or maybe it could have; absolutes scare me. 

According to my horoscope (I know, I know) today begins a chapter of my life that will be marked by a shift in identity. Not a crisis, this I insist, but a shift. I’ve grown so accustomed to hiding behind crisis mode that this could be a very, very good thing for me and the people in my life. No more comfort in the familiarity of darkness alone – I’ve made my point with the darkness and it with me. 

Here’s to the present, to the future, and to the people who make my world a better place. I hope that I reciprocate – actually, I know that I do, else you wouldn’t stick around. 

And here’s to the pilot – may this be a smooth journey. 


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