A bientôt, mesdames et messieurs. I will of course be photographing (in a subtle, artistic, non-touristique way) and writing (in a decidedly non-update-of-blog-for-this-is-a-blahhhhhhhhhgggg way) while I am away, but this first week or two in this new forum has been so much more than cathartic implies. I will elaborate but first I must pack. If I know you and you’r reading this and I don’t know you read this, please drop me a line – the feedback is inspiring.

One of my favorite photos, that, of B, my best friend/brother, when we were in paris with our [my] family over New Year’s two years ago. Three years.

And now I must power-pack for this very soon trip. Flying tonight. Send me a dream.

Exits are located in the front and the back.

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