Wisdom of the ages


I’ve posted this poem many times, many places, and I think it’s beautiful in its simplicity and compassion. I am not alone in going through a difficult stage right now – there are breakups and relationship shifts all around me and as I said to a friend, while it’s comforting to know that we are not alone, it also kind of sucks that this simply is a part of the human condition and has been since, it seems, the dawn of time and writing. (See: Petrarch)

However, authentic, reciprocal love and incredible lives have also existed since the dawn of days. And anyone who is reading these words is capable of finding those things; faith in all its forms (religious or otherwise) is so much more powerful than I used to realize, but profound experiences in the past four decades have led me to a place where I am able to believe that good things can and will happen. They don’t happen on the same timeline for everybody, they don’t always look like what we grew up thinking they would, but they happen.

To my friends facing struggles, I offer these words from Vikram Seth:

All You Who Sleep Tonight

All you who sleep tonight

Far from the ones you love,

No hand to left or right

And emptiness above-

Know that you aren’t alone

The whole world shares your tears,

Some for two nights or one,

And some for all their years.

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