Whatever gets you through the night


On my way to Pilates today I was waiting for an elevator with about six other people, one of whom was a young woman on her cellphone. The building we were in is in Chelsea, is large and industrial, and houses showrooms, casting agents, recording studios and a large crystal warehouse, among many other things.

This is one of the slower of Manhattan elevators. This is what the young woman said when, I think, someone answered:

Hi, I have a job interview and I want to pray that it goes well* … Eva … I forgot my resume but I think it’ll be okay.

I rode the elevator with Eva and as we reached my floor I said, “Good luck!” and she said “Thank you! Thank you so much!”

I hope she got the job.

*She was calling into some sort of dial-a-prayer line. I hope the people on the other end of the phone truly believe in what they do, because young Eva seemed entirely sincere.

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